Wednesday, May 23, 2007

MY essay

Hey professor

How are you today I am changing my essay again this time it will be on economics between the rich and the poor. The subtitute teacher was ok you should keep her every time you are absent ok she was pretty cool.

I know that this essay will kill me because now it will take most of my time but at the same time i know that i will learn something from it ok I am going to look up some information about my essay ok.

Monday, May 21, 2007

The essay

Hey professor How are you ?

I picked the topic for my essay and now I am going to home and read my papers i printed off the internete and i am going to use the information and i am going to my own input into the essay hopefully i can be done by next week.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Thursday posting

Hey Professor

Today i went to work and i had a good time at work. I like the co-workers that i work with they are pretty cool. But some of the people in there are crazy and they like to talk about people.

School and essay

On wensday night i was in the lab and i did my essay in school which was a three page essay on i have a dream . I think i did pretty good on my essay


Hi professor

I forgot write about friday this one is for friday. I came home and before i went to sleep i spoke with my auntie before i went to bed.

Movie Shrek

Hi Proffessor

Today I took my daughter to the movies to see shrek with my Friend Tanya and her children. The movie was a good movie you should take your daughter to see that movie it is a very funny movie. The movie lasted about an hour 1/2.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What i did today

hey Professor how are you doing? I took off of work today because i had to take care of some business. Collin mc bean had called me today and said that he was doing fine. I had told him that i was taken english 112y and that you are my professor. He said that he had you before that you were a good professor also we talked about math how I passed 092 with a B+.

Thanks for listening

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's day

Hi Professor

On mother's day I went to my friends mom house and had dinner with them. I ate Fried chicken wings, White rice and string bings. When i came home my brother's made sausage, franks, chicken, hamburger,hot dog on a grill.

For mother's day i recieved a braclet from my daughter that had beeds on them it is very nice I love it when my daughter makes me thing it means alot to me. My sister gave a white pair of earings and another earing with a braclet to go with it. Then I got another pair of earing with a necklace on it nobody know's who gave it to me, flower and two mother's day card. I had a good mother's day. This one was for sunday

What to write about

Hi Professor what if you do not have nothing to write about in this blogger. Can you just say hello or just hi. Which one would you prefer. Sometimes people have nothing to write about at all. So I am talking about crap right now ok this one and the one before this one are my make up writting.

going to school

Hey Professor

I am glad that i made the decision to go to school because i want to open up my own business when i finish school. But in the mean I am going to be working for other people to get experience in the work place. So that i know how to control my own. You can't open up a business unless you have worked for somebody else.

Hey professor

Hi Professor i know that we were suppose to write every day but i am not up to day so i am back up with my writting. I wanted to know if I can do all of my writting that i missed in one day. I am making one up now as i go along with the class. I will try to do at least two a day until my writting work is done.

AT Work

Hey Proffessor

How are you doing? I had a good day at work today. I may not like the manager's but I do like the co-workers that is there. The co- workers are very cool to get a long with we talk and laugh everyday and when the manager's come in we are quiet like we were never talking at all. You know sometimes I do not feel like coming in to work but because i know that i need the money I come to work everyday. I have to take off tomorrow because of my food stamp appointment tomorrow. You can not take off unless you have an appointment letter.

Oh one more thing I do understand about the essay when you have to write about when you were a child to when you were an aldult. Can you elabort on that essay please because i do not know where to began.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

About me

I am having a horrible time of signing in with this blogger thing. But anyway I just wrote my essay for believing in ghost and while i am typing this letter I am listening to little John. which by the way I love little john, Ne-yo and usher. I am getting ready to leave i was here in school while not having class tring to do my essay because i find it better to study here then at home. I get more done here . So like little john say's snap your finger and do your then do your step hey!